Ask your Math to Human

Based in Silicon Valley, is founded by young parents who believe that education should know no boundaries, geographical or socio-economic. At the core of this value, lies our passion and dedication to make quality education accessible to all.

We leveraged our years of experience in the high-tech industry to create a platform that seamlessly transitions from a traditional learning environment to a virtual classroom for your child. Imagine sitting in New York and studying Victor Hugo in a 1-1 tutoring lesson from an experienced French Literature teacher living in Paris.

As much as we want, as parents, to bring quality education to your children, we also want to do our part to create a socially responsible world. Besides our full time careers and over-time roles as parents we have been actively involved in local charities focused on educating and empowering the underprivileged. We want to take our passion to the next level and make a difference – one child at a time; here in the US and around the world. For every sign up at knodemy, we provide a free tutoring lesson to a child from an underprivileged community through knodemy – it’s as simple as that!

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